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Gustave "Goose"

" My big German sheppard love "    - Your forever friend, Lucie

We highly recommend Lucie!!
We have had 5 different trainers for Gustav, a long haired German Shephard that is now 3 years old. If only we had chosen Lucie at first, it would have made our lives so much easier. Gustav could not be around other dogs and could be agressive towards certain humans. He spent 1 week with Lucie and we spent a whole day with her to learn how to be the best leaders. Gustav is now happy to be around other dogs, has discovered that he can play with all these furry things and not be afraid of them. He even lets people pet him!! Danielle and Vince



  - Your friend forever,  Lucy

Thank you is not enough, Lucie has not only changed our dog for the better, but has changed our lives!


Our 3 year old Baxter, despite being a sweetheart to us and the people he knows, had issues with aggression towards people for a few years. So much so that my boyfriend and I are too nervous to walk him around our neighborhood or invite new guests to our house, lest he attack aggressively.


We worked with several confident trainers and a reputable behavioral vet whose approach was to avoid people and use antidepressant medication which didn't work and in some cases made it worse. Now, after having had so many confident coaches and pros telling us they can help us, you can imagine our skepticism when Lucie tells us that she could change Baxter in a week. Having seen how she helped my parents' dog with her problems and having read all of her amazing testimonials, we decided to work with her.


We had a good idea of the amount of time and effort she gives to each dog she trains, but we were completely AMAZED with all the work she did with Baxter during her week-long stay with she! She didn't spend a few hours a day training him, she spent ALL day training him by putting him in real life situations! He even slept in his house next to his 6 dogs. We told him that our main problems were walking in the streets, children in general and anything that moves quickly like skaters, runners, bikers etc. She took him to the busy streets of Magog and trained him to walk past hundreds of people. She took him next to a schoolyard, to an ice rink with people skating beside him, and to stores to interact with people (and more!). She did it all! She also sent us many videos daily with Baxter in action. Every day we cried with happiness seeing our little guy getting better and better.


By working with Lucie, we changed our relationship with Baxter and taught him that we were there to protect him and not the other way around. Since he accepts it, he can let his guard down on walks, have fun and be a stress-free dog.


Since Baxter has returned and our training to continue helping him, Baxter has been doing amazingly well !!! Not only are we comfortable walking him around our neighborhood now, but we love it and he hasn't reacted to a single person since. He looks so happy and calm in situations that previously stressed him. Instead of avoiding potentially stressful situations, we go for it.  


We are more than satisfied with Lucie and we could never thank her enough! Besides everything she does, one of the nicest things about Lucie is how much she loves and becomes attached to the dogs she trains. Baxter knows her as Aunt Lucie and is in love with her.

We are happy to discuss our history and answer any questions if anyone wishes.

Chibouki 1.jpg


"Mr I will not give you my rank !!! I adore you  "     - Your friend forever,  Lucy

Me and my partner adopted an almost 3 year old Shiba Inu in December 2019. We named him Chibouki. He had previously lived in 3 other families, including the breeder.  


Little by little, we realized  several behavioral issues  : he regularly and strongly bit our hands and feet in order to protect his resources (bones, toys, socks, handkerchiefs, etc.); he was not walking in step; he was a runaway; he did not come back to recall; he only obeyed us in exchange for treats; he was very aggressive with other dogs. All of these behaviors meant that I no longer felt safe and that our quality of life was severely reduced.  


We had planned an appointment with a behavioral veterinarian in order to medicate him, we are talking here about antidepressants for life… In the meantime, I heard about Lucie and I spoke with various owners of Shiba Inu who had done business with her . They were all laudatory towards her. I took my courage in both hands, I canceled my appointment with the vet and I went to bring my little "horned angel" to Magog, that is to say more than 200 km from my home.  


After 12 days of internship at Lucie's school, Chibouki was transformed! Pure magic… everything we thought was impossible and mourned for had come true. Chibouki no longer bites, is no longer aggressive, no longer protects his resources, walks perfectly on a leash, come back when called upon, goes to the dog park to have fun and, exceptional in a Shiba Inu, he walks without a leash without wanting to run away !!!!! He has become a playful, sociable and free dog! We can finally consider being part of a cani-cross club,  to ride a mountain bike or fatbike with him ...


Lucie is an exceptional person who clearly has a gift. For her, educating a dog is not a job, but a mission. She does it with dedication and passion. What  is all the more impressive is that we ourselves, the masters, we transform ourselves, we gradually become strong, loving and benevolent pack leaders. I unreservedly recommend the Canine Psychology Center “Au Bonheur des Chiens” run by Ms. Lucie Blanchette. It has transformed our life, she is very grateful!


But a Shiba Inu will always remain a Shiba Inu, a stubborn and perfectly cute “drama queen”!


Théodore "Théo"

"Cute little fart face"   - Your forever friend, Lucie

We brought our shiba inu Theodore home Sunday after spending most of the day with Lucie. My partner and I are completely overwhelmed by Lucie's skills, competence, patience and passion. When Theodore arrived at Lucie’s home two weeks ago, it was not easy. A real little savage, who thought he was in continuous fight for his life. A veterinarian / behaviorist medicated him, only to say that we were going to have to euthanize him - there was nothing to do. Until our visit to Au Bonheur des Chiens. We understand what we need to do in order to continue in the right line and we now understand our mistakes as well. I could say a lot about the changes and improvements Lucie made to Theo. But all we can really say is a huge thank you for saving the life of our difficult little one. We will be infinitely grateful.


Wrangler aka  Mr W

" I salute you, wonderful soldier "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

Thanks to Au Bonheur des Chiens for the extraordinary magic you did with Jax! Jax reacted intensely to the buses. It was hellish and dangerous. It was making everyone anxious. In 1 hour, we managed to get Jax to completely ignore the bus! A huge thank you xx

Mina et Lewis.JPG

Mina & Lewis

"What a joy to experience these two treasures!" Your  forever friend, Lucie

I am the proud owner of two beautiful Hungarian pointers. They have good energy, so I need to be able to bring them as often as possible with me. My female was used to going to the dog park and did very well in obedience and agility classes. However,  at home she was a little too much of a babysitter. When people came to the yard or to the door, she would run towards them and turn around barking. It was quite unsettling.
When my male arrived, he had a very bad experience with the other dogs, he was chased by several dogs at the dog park.
  Unfortunately, he developed an increasing fear of dogs. I had to stop all the classes I was taking with Lewis. I became very anxious and no longer had fun walking with them. One dog that is afraid of humans and threats and one that is becoming more and more responsive to all dogs.
I met Lucie at her magnificent canine center.
  A wonderful woman, passionate about her work, dedicated and very generous. I entrusted him with my two treasures.
Four days later, my partner and I returned to the center. It was wonderful to see the big change. Our dogs worked very well in the pack. They listened perfectly to Lucie. They were happy.
  She did most of the work  with them. Then she explained to us how we should act. She devoted a lot of time to us and welcomed us with open arms to her home. We are very grateful for all that Lucie has taught us. Thank you from the heart.


Maggie Lussier.PNG


"Beautiful Maggie, what an honor for me to have helped you" Your friend forever, Lucie

How lucky to have met Lucie !!

Shortly after adopting a  little labrador  rescue who looked adorable, we realized after a few weeks that she wanted to attack  almost all the dogs she met! And even herself  when she saw herself in the window !!  We were at  yard of resources and tips to fix the problem when I called Lucie. After some explanations on the phone  she just told me that she thought she could fix the problem. Our beautiful  So Maggie entered the park at  dog  Lucie with her muzzle ... that she was able to leave  fall only after  only a few minutes. After a week of group therapy in Lucie's pack, she was completely changed and happy!  We had a great weekly follow-up with videos of her progress at  support!  TO  the end of the week we spent a day with Lucie to teach us how to deal with Maggie and how to use the electrostatic collar which was a huge help in her rehabilitation. Thanks to Lucie's intervention, Maggie is better in her head and is  become a much better companion,  and U.S,  better humans to manage  his special needs.

We highly recommend her!

Sylvie and Hugues



"Hail, beautiful warrior"   - Your friend forever,  Lucy

Thanks to  To the happiness of the dogs  for the extraordinary magic you did with Jax! Jax reacted intensely to the buses. It was hellish and dangerous. It was made anxiety-provoking for everyone. In 1 hour, we succeeded  that Jax totally ignores the bus! A huge thank you xx



"A whole Whiskey with gum baloune  "   - Your friend forever,  Lucy

Whiskey arrived with us at the age of 8 weeks. Very quickly he understood that he could take control of the  household ... and that's what he did  7 months later .... after consultations with dog trainers, I don't know how many books, courses and shows about dogs, a family completely confused by what is happening .... Au Bonheur des Chien is appeared  on our way.  In a few words ... harmony has returned to the house and Whiskey is with us to live wonderful moments. The rehabilitation was as much for Whiskey as for us .. without Lucie, we would not be there  never succeeded.  Whiskey and I are greatly grateful to you ... what Happiness for dogs and humans ... Thank you very much Lucie .. !!



" Big happy guy"   - Your forever friend, Lucie

I sent my dog ​​for rehabilitation for a week. Initially, he was to spend 2 weeks there, but thanks to Lucie's good work, the rehabilitation was shorter than expected. My dog ​​had big social problems. He was reactive on a leash and labeled "aggressive" at the dog park and daycare. Thanks to Lucie, I understood that it was mainly me the problem. She restored my confidence in my dog ​​by sending me photos and videos of his progress every day. For the first time in over a year, I saw him playing with other dogs! I had the chance to spend almost 2 days with Lucie to understand canine language and she gave me strategies to supervise my dog's game.



"Little Key of Love  "   - Your friend forever,  Lucy

Our beautiful Cléa was a hair away from euthanasia, over the weeks the aggressive behavior towards humans kept increasing (9 victims) and she was very overwhelming. After discussion with various professionals, we made the decision to contact Lucie. A passionate, endearing and authentic woman. We drove 7 hours to confide our little terror to this dog lover. She was able to gain Cléa's trust through her patience and make it progress day after day. She did a colossal job with us to guide us in our role as pack leader. It allowed us to regain confidence in our animal. We apply his valuable advice on a daily basis and the results are positive at all levels. Our Cléa is with us to stay, we are happy to have had Lucie on our way when we no longer believed in it. Our loved ones can not believe the progress of our beautiful, when they spend at home.
Thank you xxx
Nadyne, Stéf and Cléa



"The dashing gazelle   - Your friend forever,  Lucy

Like many others before meeting Lucie, we have been to several places to try to educate our new dog Mara. Mara was so stressed and aggressive that we were even asked to take our lessons in the hallway so that Mara wouldn't panic the rest of the group. In short, the places we went to were never able to help us or help Mara's behavioral issues and she was becoming more and more controlling (even going so far as to come forward to me, growl and threaten to bite me when I was feeding her). Lucie was our last hope ... I even got in touch with the refuge where Mara came from to find out if they would be able to take her back if we really couldn't improve anything, but this scenario broke my heart. !

A week with Lucie transformed our dog. Not only did she learn to have a minimum of respect for humans, but we left Lucie's place with a lot of tools, and a lot of tailor-made rules to apply at home, in public and in the park. This kind of very personalized approach is impossible with group lessons or with educators who have no experience with canine aggression.

Mara is (and always will be) a learning dog because she has a hard head (and she tries herself every now and then to see if we haven't become "her subordinates" again), but now we know what to do and what not to do. not do forever lead him in the right direction. She has changed a lot since her rehabilitation and none of this would have been possible without Lucie.

Thank you for everything Lucie, and most importantly, thank you for not just tagging and refusing Mara when no one, absolutely no one, loved her or believed she deserved a second chance!

Kim, Michel and Mara


Boris & Jessie

" Big baby!!! "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

Five years ago, our gorgeous German Shephard, Boris, suffered dominance and aggression issues with other dogs. We had no idea how to help him. Thanks to a week of rehab at Lucie's, plus her continuous love and support, we now have a happier, socialized dog who can play in dog parks. Four years ago, Lucie helped us adopt our second dog, Jessie, and gave Boris a forever friend. This would have been impossible without Lucie's help. Thank you Lucie!!!



  "My big white wolf"   - Your  friend forever,  Lucy  

My name is Haslan, I am a 7 year old Swiss White Shepherd. My family is I arrived in Quebec in 2016, I am of French origin. Before my arrival, I already had my little character as a pack leader but we received a lot of family visits in France and my masters still managed to manage. I have a very fearful nature towards strangers with the fear that someone will want to join my pack. The plane trip was a hard experience, I had to go in a cage for more than 12 hours and without my masters by my side to reassure me in an environment that I did not know with a lot of noise and strangers, I had the impression that I will never see my pack again, I had lost them. TO  on arrival at the airport I was left alone in the baggage hall in my cage while waiting for my masters, I was screaming at death it was terrible… All this to explain to you that my arrival in Quebec disturbed me a lot, moreover we had no visitors at all in our new house. It was finally good that US, I could monitor everything, control everything more risks. But then I developed an even greater fear of strangers and during our first visit, I defended my pack I Attacked… My masters were lost, they no longer knew how to handle my actions, it was complicated and dangerous and I was scared. I was also aggressive towards other dogs, it was difficult to walk, I wanted to eat them all… So my masters contacted Lucie, it was our last hope to find a normal and safe life. I went to spend a stay with her, I immediately adored her, she knows how to talk to dogs like me, she was able to reassure me and put me back in my line with kindness and love. Then she came to the house to explain and learn the necessary language to reassure me to my masters. They learned out of love for me and now I get a lot of visitors, I behave very well, and I am able to meet other dogs at the Park without being aggressive. Lucie is our savior to my family and I am more serene and happy. Thank you Lucie,



  "What a magnificent giant  "   - Your  friend forever,  Lucy  

I adopted Kimo when he was a baby and I fell right away  under the spell of this little wolf. Growing up Kimo has  begin  show obvious signs of aggression towards other dogs. It was made to a point of danger for him as well as for me. I was always afraid that something would happen when I went for a walk. It was when I started talking about what was happening to me on social networks, to seek advice, that I was advised to go see Lucie. Despite the distance, I took my big wolf in the car for a road trip to Magog! I trusted Lucie from start to finish and Kimo came back  at home after a week of rehabilitation. He's still the big active wolf  that he was but without any trace of aggression. I can  now take him where I want and even leave him in daycare with other dogs! A big thank you again to Lucie and her pack.
Mirka and Kimo (the wolf)



  "Little Love Doll  "   - Your  friend forever,  Lucy  

When we adopted our beautiful Pitbull mixed Nina, we were not aware of her behavioral issues. We couldn't go out with her for a walk cause she would react to anything that would pass next to her, specially other dogs.  When we found Lucie –Au Bonheur des Chien, we had already tried many different places without success and our dog was still reactive towards other dogs.  We agreed with a one week rehabilitation program and I can say for sure that it was the best thing we did for our dog. Lucie took the time to understand our dog behavior and her needs. She would send us videos and photos everyday so we could see the improvements. Lucie is extremely patient and knowledgeable and I remember the first time I saw Nina playing with other dogs and without a muzzle, I confess that I almost cried. For the first time we could see our dog being a dog, a very happy dog.  We, as owners, also had our rehabilitation session and everything that Lucie suggested and showed us have worked.  We have been extremely happy with how the program has worked for us and we have no hesitation in recommending Lucie - Au Bonheur des Chien



  "Adored little savage  "   - Your  friend forever,  Lucy  

During a vet visit for Louxia (chow-chow breed), we again discussed her temperament of an anxious nature. Being extremely suspicious of humans and obsessed with chasing our cat, we didn't know what to do. However, we had taken obedience courses, consulted 2 dog trainers and tried an anxiolytic treatment. It was then that I was advised to contact Lucie.

A whole new adventure began a few weeks later during the rehabilitation of Louxia. Lucie's expertise, tenacity and leadership (all accompanied by her wonderful pack), made our dog understand that she did not have to manage everything. She was the first person to be able to flatter her in our absence, unprecedented!

Now Louxia can walk without a leash on our property, live with our cat, go to Au Bonheur des Chiens park without constantly barking at people and all while being less anxious.

Thank you Aunt Lucie for saving Louxia! You have been able to restore the balance in our family and we thank you warmly! xxx



  "Big clown !!!  "   - Your  friend forever,  Lucy  

Lucie is a heart on two legs. She knows dog behavior like no one else (the female version of César Millan!). She helped me understand, control and manage my dog's aggressive behavior. He returned from his stay with Lucie completely transformed. He's listening to me to the letter now. Thanks to her, we were able to keep our dog. Thank you very much Lucie for your brilliant work. Continue to help dogs in need and save lives. Well done !


Harley & Hunter ... & Luna, my assistant to help other dogs!

  "My great Caribbean loves  "   - Your  friend forever,  Lucy  

Thank you for all you have done for Harley and Hunter. I wish we had met sooner. Thank you for teaching me to be the pack leader. You turned my unruly monsters into well behaved angels. You treat my fur babies like one of your own, this is so priceless to me.  My dogs love to visit you, Lucie. This warms my heart. Thank you very much xo


Oracio Caine

  "Big baby !!!"   - Your friend forever,  Lucy  

New Oracio Caine thanks to Mrs. Lucie from Bonheur des Chien! She told us "with a dog, we lose and we win ..... and losing is not an option!" .... And she won! Less anxiety and less control of the space and its masters and ++++ again. With tenacity and patience and above all the love of animals.

Thank you Lucie

Brigitte and Jean-Pierre



"Proud and faithful" Your friend forever, Lucie

Chico is a 3 year old German Shepherd. I started taking care of it when my partner was sent for emergency training. No one wanted to take care of Chico. Used to living in the countryside, he was little socialized with other dogs and had difficulty walking on a leash. If I didn't take care of it, my ex-partner would take it to the shelter. However, it was impossible for me to walk Chico in the suburbs where we met other dogs. Aggressive with other dogs. He was putting my safety at risk. I appealed for help to Lucie who is  quickly stepped in to allow me to keep Chico, who was a sweetheart with me. She took it fast, kept it  with his pack, and was able to work with Chico so that he could integrate my family. She also rated it  to see if it would be safe with my young children. Within a week, Chico was a transformed dog. He played softly with the dogs he was around, was relaxed, walked beside me, and was a sweetheart with my children, who learned to be his leader. And above all, Lucie taught me how to be a chef. Without all the learning that I have integrated at home, Chico probably would not have been so stable. But Lucie was able to give me the means and the confidence to take care of Chico. Thank you Lucie !!

Lola et Henry.jpeg

Lola & Henry

"The 2 gazelles of love" Your  forever friend, Lucie

Lola was an aggressive bitch towards other dogs and Henri cried and barked whenever he saw a dog. Walking on a leash had become intolerable. After trying two dog training centers without success, we decided to send Lola and Henri Au Bonheur des Chien. It was one of our best decisions ever! Now, Lola and Henri no longer react when we meet another dog, they no longer come to the table during suppers and they come back to us when we call them (off leash). We now have confidence in Lola and Henri is a better dog than he was before. Thank you a thousand times Lucie for your tips and we will continue to work hard with our puppies.   Sophie and Bruno

Snoppy Girl.JPG

Snoopy girl

" Faithful worker "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

Thank you Lucie, you filled our toolbox to better intervene with Newton and with Hercule. It's up to us to become good pack leaders



"  Loyal  working "   - Your friend forever,  Lucy

Thank you Lucie, you filled our toolbox to better intervene with Newton and with Hercules. It's up to us to become good pack leaders



" Worthy monument "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

So happy that my AKITA ((EDSHIRO)) is no longer shooting 😊 I met 3 animal behavior specialists and Lucie from ““ HAPPINESS FOR DOGS ““ really helped me aHis technique is really effective and remarkable eI wish you highly recommend it 💪 EDSHIRO is a stubborn, strong Akita and Alfa but thanks to Lucie it's not EDSHIRO, it's not my boyfriend ALFA BUT ME THE WOMAN ALFA 💪 A BIG THANKS LUCIE BLANCHETTE



" Wild sweetheart "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

I recommend. Lucie is a dog lover and does everything in her power to help owners help their dogs with problems. Naturally, it cannot do miracles if the human does not perpetuate its councils. For my part, the happiness of the dogs helped me to understand my dog ​​better and ajd I make excursions with several dogs and all goes well What I would never have done before.



" Attentive and faithful "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

My fiancé and have a German Shepherd who just turned 2 in November. He was giving us a run for our money - "barking temper tantrums", sporadic reactivity, anxiousness, separation anxiety, not always listening, being hard to handle at times. 
This summer I felt at the end of my rope and not sure what to do to help him and to be the source of leadership he truly needed. He had a great foundation in obedience - I had been working with him on his manners since he was a 3 month old pup, but I needed extra help to take it to the next level. I knew he had to learn to trust and respect us no matter what - not only for his safety but for that of others. I reached out to Frontier Animal Society in the hopes they would have a suggestion on where to turn and I was given Lucie's contact information. She is an Angel.
Lucie worked with myself and my Mother in Law and taught us the skills and tricks we needed for Sawyer to be a happy pup and for us to have a handle over him - we learnt strong leadership skills and tips on communicating with him in a way he understands. 
Now I get compliments on how much he has changed and we continue to see growth and improvement.
I would recommend Au Bonheur des Chiens to anyone with a reactive or anxious dog, or anyone who is looking to improve their handling skills to be a better master. Lucie is truly a God send!


Tofu and Dexter

" The 2 big fellas!!! "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

I recommend without hesitation Lucie and her pack :)))) Whether it is for a leadership course, a refresher course, daycare or with dodo. Everything is perfect. The dog park with the different spaces allows everyone to find their account. Lucie is frank and honest, important qualities in this area. She has a knack for dogs. 10 stars🌟



" Courageous little buddy "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

Our Hugo was our first child. He was king and he knew it. He slept in our bed by our side, dozed off on the couches with us and accompanied us climbing on us at supper time. The problem arose when we were visiting. Hugo barked constantly, chewed on our guests and gave them unwanted attention. He was uncontrollably nervous when we left the house and had anxiety attacks which often made him sick. We therefore appealed to Au Bonheur des Chiens to settle Hugo's crises. Following his rehabilitation Hugo became a model dog! For the first time we were receiving comments about having a good dog. People who had never met Hugo asked us what kind of dog we had and where they could find a species like ours (which was the biggest compliment in my opinion). Hugo has stopped sleeping in our bed and ruined all of our duvet covers. His anxiety attacks dissipated slowly and we finally have an absolutely perfect dog! We are overwhelmed!



" Patient and lovable "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

Our dog Suki was having severe separation anxiety and we didn't know what to do anymore. Meetings with '' professionals '' led to nothing and we were strongly advised to euthanize. Lucie allowed us to keep our big doll with us! A little 2 hour home meeting changed everything (yes, yes!)! We are applying the advice received and since then Suki has calmed down a lot. We can now leave it without problem and without fear that it will be injured! :)



  "Big heart of love"   - Your friend forever,  Lucy  

Au Bonheur des Chiens is heaven on earth for dogs! We brought Roscoe for a 2 week rehabilitation. He was very anxious and shy, but Lucie was a huge help to get Roscoe out of his comfort zone. Since his stay with Lucie, he has gained a lot of self-confidence and his anxiety has greatly diminished. She is very knowledgeable about canine psychology and I recommend her to anyone who has problems with their puppy!

Marc-Olivier Théoret



" Big goofball "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

When we adopted Cooper, he was a very affectionate and shy dog ​​who had integrated well into the family. But over time it became too protective and a danger to strangers. Also, Cooper pulled a lot during his walks. At home, he stole our food from the table. With Lucie's intervention, Cooper became a completely different and obedient dog.


Carole, Cédric and the four children.

Logo Au Bonheur des chiens


" Devoted companion"  - Your forever friend, Lucie

We brought our shiba inu Theodore home Sunday after spending most of the day with Lucie. My partner and I are completely overwhelmed by Lucie's skills, competence, patience and passion. When Theodore arrived at Lucie’s home two weeks ago, it was not easy. A real little savage, who thought he was in continuous fight for his life. A veterinarian / behaviorist medicated him, only to say that we were going to have to euthanize him - there was nothing to do. Until our visit to Au Bonheur des Chiens. We understand what we need to do in order to continue in the right line and we now understand our mistakes as well. I could say a lot about the changes and improvements Lucie made to Theo. But all we can really say is a huge thank you for saving the life of our difficult little one. We will be infinitely grateful.



" Devoted protector"  - Your forever friend, Lucie

Snow is a fearful and very territorial dog. Very young his fears made him aggressive to the point of attacking dogs and humans. After his stay in rehabilitation, he became much more balanced. Snow will always be fearful. Well supervised he is and will become a better dog. Gaétan



" Happy luron "  - Your forever friend, Lucie

Warm welcome from Lucie and her team! We left our 5 month old puppy in daycare today at Le Bonheur des Dogs and we receive beautiful photos and videos of him playing with others; it's great! 😊 I, who have experienced trauma in the past with dogs fighting, my anxiety in the presence of a group of doggies has greatly diminished in large part thanks to the confidence I have in Lucie that I have known for only 1 week! His passion, his leadership and his know-how with dogs help me a lot in my management of nervousness during the socialization of our Guinness. 🙏

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