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Rehabilitation and Behavior

The secret to my success



When I take dogs in rehabilitation, I just take 1 at a time so that I can evaluate their behavior without missing anything important. I do not take them out for a few hours a day to work with them, they are with me and my pack 24 hours a day in my house. In 99% of cases, 1 week is enough to give the dog a new life!



My 3 famous sayings:


  •  When you work with a dog, you always win, you just don't know how long it will take!

  •  They are not deaf, they are stubborn!

  •  They don't need a mother ... They need a leader!

What if we watched more and talked less? Dogs talk to us!


Don't try to analyse too deeply but rather refer to a language that dogs have learned from birth.


My method is simple. I love and understand what dogs are, their instincts, their language... How they "see" life. My approach is based on canine language and the relationship between a pack leader (you) and his dog.


  • Respect

  • No intervention with my hands on the dog's body

  • body language and movement


Treats are used to reinforce certain good behaviors but are not the basis of my method.


I propose :


  • Meetings at your home in order to properly integrate your dog into its environment or to restore the relationship between you;

  • For those who live outside the region, I offer consultations at the Center;

  • Educational boarding is offered for your dog of any age and breed;

  • Rehabilitation boarding is offered for dogs of any age and breed.

The rehabilitation at the Center allows your dog to take a BIG step forward in a short time, whether for problems of aggressiveness towards other dogs or humans, for anxiety, fear or other problems ...

You can also stay on site during the training.

Would you like to read more?


Dogs are dogs and will never be able to see life other than with their animal brains, their language, their instincts ... If you greet your dog when you return from work ... You, as a human, say hello to your dog ... HIM ... He sees a submissive being who licks his lips ... Because in their world, when the leader returns to the pack, he looks at "nobody" and did not miss his pack ... If a member the pack dares to put a paw on him... it will not go well!! 


Our dogs are not mentally ill ... They only need an environment with a leader they can trust FROM THEIR OWN PERSPECTIVE ...


When a dog has leaders who take care of the pack security, he doesn't have to worry about it ... He is not allowed to go into battle if the leader does not go. He is not allowed to attack a guest whether human or dog if the leader decides to let him enter the den. If the leader goes to a new territory, the pack can trust him ...


How to be a leader in THEIR eyes? … Do not tolerate physical or vocal impoliteness, ignore them at each pack meeting, eat before them (it is normal for a dog to watch his leader eat and hope to have leftovers), go through the doors and stairs first (it is the leader who must lead when going to new territory), make him respect your space, and manage the den's door, i.e. to welcome guests without the dog having a word to say ...


Unfortunately, the dog market means that puppies are removed from their natural packs far too early. And now we cuddle them when they put their paws on us, we give them treats when they are silly, we don't make them move enough, and then we medicate them when we can't take it anymore….


When the mother raises them, she allows play when SHE decides, but if the puppy exaggerates, he is not given sweets ... He is disciplined. And when he does well ... He gets no "thank you"!

This doesn't stop you from giving treats to teach tricks ... Sit, sleep, roll, paw, play dead ...! To help a dog, we cannot sit with him in front of an orange juice at breakfast ... The only way to make him evolve and to reprogram him, it is to make him live experiences and to teach him in the present time. This is what I do when I take dogs in rehabilitation. I welcome them 1 at a time because I cannot afford to miss any of their behavior. I don't take them out for a few hours a day to work with them, they are with me and my pack 24 hours a day in my house. In 99% of cases, 1 week is enough to give the dog a new life!


I do not use a strangler, I do not intervene with my hands on the dog's body to correct it. I work on the go, I make them lay down with my eyes and my energy and this is what I teach the owners during the training day at the end of their dog's stay.


Without any discomfort and ONLY WITH THE OWNER'S CONSENT, I sometimes use the electrostatic collar for the RECALL ONLY. People who are against the collar have no 100% reliable solution to protect their dog from their instincts ... There is no cheese or sausage that will bring your dog back instantly if a cat, dog or squirrel is across the street. My theory is that it hurts less to be pinched than to be hit. A client asked me to help her use this tool properly when her dog had encountered an porcupine ... She said "I think it will hurt 2 pics in the neck less than 100 in the nose!" And finally, if I could ask my French Spaniels what they prefer ... On a leash for life in the forest when hiking ??? I'm sure they would tell me without hesitation ... Give us a little pinch from time to time Mom! But let us be free !!! Used properly, this tool is a virtual leash.

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