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Frontier Animal Society

I’m sharing the funniest saying I've heard about adopting a dog…


"I don't want to adopt from a shelter ... We don't know their past"


"I prefer to adopt a puppy ... I want to fit it in my hand"


Hahahahahahahahahahaha ...


Let's say it as it is!!!

The dogs that end up in shelters are, for the most part, puppies that people have adopted to fit in their hands !!!

And… A dog lives in the present….


It will be my pleasure to guide you through choosing a dog, but meanwhile

I invite you to visit the website of the Frontier Animal Society

A testimonial from the Frontier Animal Society

The Frontier Animal Society is a no kill shelter for abandoned dogs and cats located in Ogden, Qc. We have up to 12-15 dogs in our care at any given time. Unfortunately, we sometimes have dogs with behaviour problems that require the help of a professional trainer. For these dogs we have been very fortunate to have the aid of Lucie Blanchette.

Over the last several years Lucie has worked with some of our most difficult dogs. Thanks to her skill, dedication and incredible commitment she has successfully helped these dogs overcome issues ranging from dog aggression, separation anxiety, fearfulness & food/toy possessiveness.

Thanks to Lucie, some of our most difficult dogs (Max, Hunter,Tony, Coconut, Shakespeare, Timmy, Phil, Jack and Capitaine.....) have had their lives turned around & have become socialized & balanced dogs that can live comfortably & happily in their new home & family.

Lucie’s commitment to helping dogs overcome their behavioural issues is a passion, not just a job. The time and effort she puts into helping our shelter dogs is a testament to her love of dogs and her belief that each dog has a purpose and the right to live a full, balanced and happy life.

Some dogs from the shelter that I've helped

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